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haunting sky cover kindle
The Shadow Chasers were enjoying their two-week holiday break from Talihina Jr. High School. They were even making some money on the side by installing Christmas lights on homes in Talihina. Things had been quiet for them since their adventure back in September, where a Choctaw elder had aided them in leading a lost Sasquatch to its home, to the Kiamichi Mountains to the south. The elder had warned the youths to steer clear of the forest and mountains during the autumn months. Something did, in fact, occur in October and early November. Nobody was talking about what exactly the threat was. By mid-November, things had quieted down, and Talihina was back to its normal pace as people did all they could to enjoy their holidays. Until now…. The Shadow Chasers face a life-and-death struggle with new kinds of entities. Just when they make some headway in comprehending what they are, their new enemy abducts local animals and even people. Will the Shadow Chaser’s alliance be enough to to battle these entities? They will need the skills of each member to defeat this new enemy.