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relics II
relics II cover
Two years have passed since the experience of what they called “The Dark Autumn” in the small town of Talihina, Oklahoma. Most residents were never aware of the actual truth behind the violence and deaths that plagued the small community during late October and early November of 2014. Most locals claim it was nothing more than a simple crime spree committed by a group of outlaw bikers funded by a corrupt local attorney. Other citizens made claims of a wilder story involving Sasquatch-like creatures preying upon the community’s citizens. Debates had been whispered over coffee in local restaurants the past two years. A select few local citizens who had helped the Redstone’s bring peace back to the community were the ones who knew the factual truth. Although happy to be reunited with his lifelong love, Sam Redstone struggles to adjust to the emotional trauma. Carrying guilt from the events of 2014, Sam feels off balance and unsure about his place in the community. He is more uncertain of how to proceed when the specter of Sasquatch activity returns to his father’s property and in the small community of Honobia, just twenty miles to the south.

Meanwhile, Addison has settled in happily with his new wife, although he keeps a watchful eye for activity of any kind that could mean the creatures have returned. He also remains in contact with General Malcolm Henderson, the man in charge of the Special Forces operations in 2014. Addison finds the information received from the General to be a vague and confusing mixture of biblical history and supernatural mystery.

A sweeping, intense story of determined warriors against an enemy that first came to prominence as a god in ancient Mesopotamia. The mountains above Honobia, Oklahoma, become the backdrop for another life and death struggle involving the Redstone’s and their friends. A battle where the enemy can attack you in any form; beast, otherworldly craft, or even your own government.