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Shadow Chasers 1
shadow chasers 1 cover

An excellent read for youth and adults alike! It is suitable and enjoyable for all ages. But author John Vandeventer specifically wrote to the young adult for this book and the for the following books in the series to come.

Things seemed to have gone from bad to worse for twelve-year-old Finn Harper, having just moved from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Talihina, Oklahoma, a small town where everyone knows everyone. Finn had found little to like about his new hometown. Making friends was never easy for him. This had been the case his entire life growing up in Tulsa. The only kids in Talihina who seemed to hold any interest in him were two 7th-grade class bullies who seemed to have a special affection for picking on the new kids who were smaller than them. But in Finn’s darkest moment, a friend appears out of nowhere. Not just any friend, but that special friend you remember for a lifetime. Allie Wren, a girl from his class, intervenes on his behalf just when he needs help the most. Smart, tough, and pretty too, Allie also brings another friend into Finn’s life, Logan Grayhand. The three had bonded over a common interest. That interest is a mysterious footprint Finn finds while hunting for arrowheads along the banks of Rock Creek, which runs through the outskirts of Talihina.

In just three days, their reality changes. They would test the glue of their friendship in ways they could not imagine. This glue must be strong enough to hold them together as they withstand the dangers of human enemies, non-human enemies, and even nature itself. With the help of a mysterious Choctaw Elder, the three become involved in an unbelievable rescue mission attempting to save the beast they had once feared. Together, they learn teamwork, trust, and forgiveness. They also learn the biggest lessons, and the toughest tests in life don’t come from the classroom. They come when you chase the shadows.