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The Shadow Chasers look forward to summer vacation after an unusual school year. Peace and tranquility had returned to Talihina, or so they thought.

The sudden appearance of a strange and terrifying creature rattles the peace of mind of both Allie and Finn. Logan has his own troubling visit by what he thought was a cousin. What Logan didn’t realize at first was the cousin he was seeing had been killed four hours earlier.

For the first time in the history of The Shadow Chasers, a creature they are forced to deal with has spilled blood. Their victory over what they assumed were aliens during their winter break for the holidays has made them the target of something far more sinister. They did not know their part of Oklahoma was under siege by an entity far more powerful than they could imagine.

This entity has the power to send nightmare creatures into their world, curses that could haunt them for the rest of their lives. Now they must deal with one such creature. A horror from the vocal histories of the First Nations People. All the tribes have their legends: The Navajo and Utes speak of Skin Walkers, and the Cree and Innu have the Wendigo. The Arapaho, Apache, and Sioux legends tell of the great Thunderbird.

For the Choctaw, it is The Curse of The Ishkitini.