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nephal book one
nephal book one

A mysterious space energy burst disables the “Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence” (SETI) observatory in Hat Creek, California, on March 24th, 2025. The Vatican’s advanced telescope known as “VATT” at Mt Graham in Arizona witnesses the energy burst. After power was restored, they found a binary message in the beam, leading them to send a second message to CERN in Switzerland.

Marcus Jansen, a young astrophysicist working at the Mt Graham site, can determine the beam’s origin and track it through the galaxy. The beam originated from a constellation that Marcus had been explicitly instructed to observe that night. Once they could interpret the binary code emitted by the beam, they gained access to instructions for the next transmission. Bone-chilling information: Earth was on the brink of impending contact with an alien life form.

Wendy Väst, a young, unknown news reporter only known in small circles for her paranormal segment on a Tucson TV channel owned by Silas Fischer, would deliver the message. The broadcast catapults Wendy Väst into the realm of media fame. Within hours of the broadcast, the skies are filled with the deafening roar of fighter jets and the sea churns with the wakes of warships. China suddenly attacks Taiwan, and North Korea’s army spills across the 38th Parallel into South Korea, thrusting the United States into a colossal Asian conflict between two formidable foes.

Wendy Väst and Marcus Jansen soon find themselves working with personnel from Weston Aerospace. The people they meet, including their employer, seem mysterious but are devout Christians. According to their viewpoint, the uncoded message was not the work of aliens but a communication orchestrated by fallen angels. Both settle into their assignments, working with the people from Weston Aerospace. As the moment of the message comes, the world witnesses not another message but an arrival. The Nordic-looking Pleiadean visitors arrive with promises of enhancement to galactic humans and transcendence into the galactic family. Wendy and Marcus both perceive the Pleiadeans’ tendency to deviate from their self-imposed boundaries. Eventually, Wendy and Marcus confront the horrifying truth about what these beings truly symbolize, leading them to wonder. Can humanity be saved?


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