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Relics I
Relics I

The Majestic Talimena Scenic Drive stretching from eight miles north of Talihina and running 52 miles east to Mena, Arkansas, bring many tourists during the vacationing months. But in 2014, a group of outlaw bikers was brutally murdered at the very doorstep of the Talimena Scenic Highway. The small Talihina Police Department is the first to respond to the horrific crime scene at Choctaw Vista. The violence of the crime that occurred just outside of his community appalled the local Chief of Police, Samuel Redstone, a veteran of the war in Iraq. With the crime occurring just out of his jurisdiction, Sam can only watch and hope the violence doesn’t spread to Talihina.

Suddenly, strange occurrences were happening around the community; missing pets and assaults on student protestors while camping. Tales spread about mythical creatures roaming the mountains just outside of town. Sam’s father, a full-blood Choctaw elder, is aware of his people’s old ways and old enemies. He tries to warn his son of the existence of an ancient race known as “Okla Chito.” Sam remains convinced his battle is against nothing more than average everyday human criminal activity, but the threat becomes real when Sam witnesses an unimaginable creature taking one of his own officers. Next, the federal government and the military have suddenly invaded the local area, causing more complications. Sam realizes the only way to bring peace back to his community and his own life is to join his father in a life and death battle with the mysterious creatures preying on the citizens of Talihina.

The creatures are known by many names, Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Skunk Ape, Skookum, and others. Sam comes to know them by the terms used by an antagonist government agent named Paul Eastman. If he is to restore tranquility and safety to the citizens of Talihina, he must defeat Eastman and his minions, as well as the monstrous beasts he comes to know as “Relics.”




Relics I